eHealthApp Benefits for Ancillary Carriers

With eHealthApp, brokers aren’t limited to quoting and enrolling with health insurance carriers. The eHealthApp system can actually extract data entered for a health application and populate an ancillary product application without requiring additional work on the part of the applicant. Our secure digital signature feature allows applicants to simply sign their pre-populated applications. In instances where applicant signatures are not required for quoting, brokers can simply export census data for a group and submit directly (and securely) to the ancillary carrier.

Here are some of the primary benefits of partnering with eHealthApp:

  • Easy way for brokers to keep your company top of mind and send you applications without any additional work
  • Efficient use of applicant data by taking health insurance application information and repurposing it for an ancillary product app or group census
  • Fast and simple process for brokers to populate ancillary product applications or a group census
  • Proven means of growing market share by keeping your name in front of brokers and making it easy to quote and enroll with you
  • Secure transmission of sensitive personal data helps to minimize HIPAA risks.

For ancillary carriers looking to heighten their profile and increase new business opportunities in a given market, working with eHealthApp can help to bring greater visibility to your brand and products and allow agents to quote with you quickly and easily with just a few additional clicks. The following companies are currently available through eHealthApp:

  • Delta Dental of Idaho
  • Dental Select
  • Kansas City Life
  • My Wellchoice
  • Total Dental Administrators
  • Vision Care Direct
  • Willamette Dental