Are you trying to complete a form or application online and have questions or need help?  Please contact your human resource representative or your health insurance agent for assistance.

In the meantime, here are some frequently asked questions:

If you need to log in to eHealthApp to complete an insurance form for your company’s health benefits, you may contact your HR representative or insurance agent/broker to obtain your login credentials. If you have an existing account with an email address on file, entering your email address below may send you a message with a temporary password and link for accessing your company’s secure portal.
If you’ve ever filled out a health insurance enrollment application, you know that such forms can be a bear to fill out. What’s more, employees at many companies are asked to fill out these lengthy (if not excruciating) forms every year, forcing you to recall or look up your health history and the health history of your family members each year.

Furthermore, your HR manager might ask you to fill out several benefits forms that all require the same information. Filling out redundant forms is not the best use of your time.

And with all this paper—containing highly confidential personal information—floating around, who’s to say such paperwork won’t end up in the wrong hands? Circulating such paper between HR, brokers, and insurance companies is just asking for a breach of your personal information.

For all of these reasons, and because we were in your shoes and felt your pain, we created eHealthApp. We set out to create a web-based system that was highly secure, could bring efficiency to the process of applying for and enrolling in benefit plans, would eliminate redundant entry of data, and could allow your company to quote regularly without requiring every employee to bend over backward filling out the same forms year after year.
Protecting your private information from unauthorized access is of critical importance to our company, your broker, state regulators, and the many carriers we work with.
The following are some of the ways that eHealthApp protects your personal information:

1. Minimizing Paper: Paper is less safe. Paper can be lost, photocopied, and shared with others with little effort, little risk of being caught, and no record of who did what or when. eHealthApp promotes a secure, paperless flow of information between you, your broker, and the insurance companies.

2. Individual accounts: We’ve taken a number of measures, including login protocols and password encryption, that make it effectively impossible for a hacker to break in. Various undisclosed security measures have been taken to ensure that even attempts by hackers are detected and thwarted quickly.

3. Extensive Auditing Capabilities: The eHealthApp system records various events, including password resets, failed login attempts, and numerous other events. As part of our auditing, we capture the IP address for all computers that access, or attempt to access, eHealthApp. If someone attempts to access your account, he will leave a digital trail back to the computer he was using, regardless of whether or not the person succeeded in accessing the system. We also have system administrators monitor key statistics to detect unusual activity.

4. Proactive Defenses: If an account is found to be under attack, the system will detect the attack, lock the account, and notify eHealthApp personnel. Once an account is locked, only the broker can unlock it. If foul play is suspected, the authorities may be contacted for further investigation.

5. Encrypted Communication: All of the information that is entered into eHealthApp travels across the Internet using a standard security technology known as SSL. This is the same technology that financial institutions use to communicate information across the Internet.

6. Data Center Security: The eHealthApp servers are located in a professionally operated data center with biometric security enabled entrances, individually locked server cabinets, and onsite, around‐the‐clock personnel, all under constant video surveillance.

7. Professional Staff: The technology team behind eHealthApp brings extensive, hands‐on experience in the financial industry to our software development process. We are always looking out for new attacks and new safeguards and we regularly reexamine all aspects of our security protocols and take specific measures to further strengthen our security.

8. Other Protections: eHealthApp utilizes numerous techniques and technologies to secure the system. These include firewalls and protections against SQL injection, URL tampering, and cross‐site scripting, as well as other techniques that we do not disclose. eHealthApp’s success as a company hinges on our ability to provide a secure system. By minimizing the amount of paper, combined with advanced information technology techniques and best practices, eHealthApp is able to provide a much more secure quoting and enrollment process than traditional, paper‐based processes.