eHealthApp for Carriers, TPAs, PEOs, Trusts, Etc.

Insurance carriers (and carrier-like organizations) have been a critical partner of eHealthApp since our founding and we are proud of the longstanding relationships we’ve developed with the carrier community. The numerous insurance carriers and TPAs who have partnered with eHealthApp have enjoyed the benefits of cleaner, better application data transmitted seamlessly and securely, leading to better underwriting and faster quoting turnaround times. The eHealthApp "Health Census Report" allows these organizations to assess the health of a group on an overview, employee, and dependent basis using an Excel Spreadsheet containing charts and graphs. In addition, several carriers are now receiving customized data feeds from eHealthApp, further streamlining the quoting and enrollment workflow internally and enhancing accuracy and time to market. We welcome all carriers to contact us for more information on joining eHealthApp at no cost. If you are a current eHealthApp customer, and don't see your favorite Carrier listed, please contact us and we will work with you. The following health insurance carriers are some of the local (as well as larger) carriers with which we work. They receive applications that have been processed and digitally signed through our online system: