Colonial Life and Jacqueline St. Hilaire continue to add innovative enrollment technologies and options to their broker offerings. That is why, after 75 years of business, they remain dedicated to their mission of finding ways to help America’s workers when they face unexpected events and challenging times.

eHealthApp is pleased to partner with Colonial Life and Jacqueline St. Hilaire to provide eHealthApp’s secure, complete and comprehensive applicant census data collection for every group. In addition, eHealthApp’s custom Smart Forms technology offers each and every Employer Group flexibility with enrollment choices… especially for ancillary products.

Brokers will appreciate offering groups the latest hi-tech solutions through Jacqueline St. Hilaire and Colonial Life. Please visit Colonial Life‘s website for details.

For more information on the partnership between Colonial Life and eHealthApp, please email us at Sales or Jacqueline St. Hilaire at Call Jacqueline directly at (972)308-6201.