Competitive Landscape

You may have heard of, or even used, our competitors' software such as FormFire or EasyApps. We’d like to take a moment to explain some of the reasons why eHealthApp rises above all competition:

  • What you see is what you get.  The questions we ask applicants on the screen are EXACTLY the questions that are asked on the PDF form that the employee is signing.  There is no translation layer and, therefore, zero risk of information being lost in translation.
  • We keep all of the carriers updated with any changes.  eHealthApp ensures that if there are multiple entities involved in the quote, all carriers and TPAs work from exactly the same set of signed applications.  If one underwriter at one location requests an employee to update their application, all carriers will receive the exact same update. 
  • eHealthApp has true digital signatures that cannot be manipulated any ANYONE.
  • Brokers don’t sign for applicants.  eHealthApp requires that employees have their own account and that only their account is used to sign the application.
  • eHealthApp fights fraud.  eHealthApp warns software users to not attempt to do anything fraudulent with its software.  Specifically, eHealthApp will investigate the authenticity of any digital signature, at any time.
  • eHealthApp helps ensure accuracy.  When a group goes out for quote in future years, eHealthApp removes some of the information that is “stale” and keeps other information. This and other steps eHealthApp takes ensures that the applications are not simply signed with outdated information while the employees don’t have to start filling out the application from scratch. 
  • Multilingual – eHealthApp works in any of over 100 languages; however, what the user is presented, and signs, is 100% in English.  This makes it much easier for non-English speakers to work with technology and reveal health issues.
  • Health Census – eHealthApp provides a detailed health census to the carrier, making underwriting faster and easier. The health census is exhaustive and all-inclusive of every condition, prescription, and provider. The health census is available for the broker to download at any time so they can take the de-identified charts and graphs to their customers to assist in consulting with the group on health, plans, wellness, etc.
  • When it comes to enrollment, eHealthApp’s Smart Form technology has no match. eHealthApp has a comprehensive, fully customized approach to plan elections and any other form or survey that the group needs – all multilingual and all digitally signed and, therefore, legally binding.