eHealthApp Benefits for Employees

Employees using eHealthApp can save time and avoid frustration by entering data in an online system that’s smart enough to reuse that data to populate multiple applications simultaneously.

  • Easy-to-use, web-based system with 24x7 availability from wherever you have an Internet connection
  • Efficient online process for filling out applications and then updating dependents and other life events/enrollment changes during the year
  • Fast updating of previous applications and instantaneous pre-populating of other benefit applications using the data already entered into eHealthApp
  • Secure data storage, eliminating the need to re-submit the same personal and medical history data year after year
  • Secure data transmission, minimizing risks (common with paper applications) that your personal data could fall into the wrong hands

With eHealthApp, you fill out the application online once and that data is then stored for next year. Each successive year your broker can quickly and easily re-quote your health insurance with only a few minutes of your time. Your employer will be able to make better benefits decisions and you will be spared a lot of time and hassle.