eHealthApp Benefits for Employers

Hundreds of companies large and small have taken advantage of eHealthApp’s technology to help streamline their benefits management and more easily shop for the best insurance solutions for their company.

Benefits that company owners and HR managers enjoy by using eHealthApp for quoting and enrollment include:

  • Faster submission of applications and faster quotes returned by the carriers
  • Efficient management of quoting/enrollment process, including the ability to monitor the status of employees and view who has and has not completed applications
  • Easy-to-use, web-based system with 24x7 availability for all employees
  • Secure data storage, eliminating the need to document the same personal and medical history data year after year
  • Rigorous privacy protections to guard against HIPAA violations and ensure that application data is not visible to unauthorized persons
  • A proven system for gathering, storing, and efficiently disseminating your employees’ data
  • Data that’s entered just once is then leveraged for multiple applications, simplifying the process and eliminating much duplication of effort
  • HR portal within your group portal that allows you to post HR documents, forms, and manuals in one centralized location
  • Easy, online process for updating dependents and other enrollment needs
  • Green, paperless process reduces printing and postage costs

To gain all these benefits, your company must work with a broker who offers eHealthApp to his/her clients. If your broker does not use eHealthApp, we’d be happy to contact that broker and explain how to get started. Alternatively, we can recommend brokers who are currently having great success in helping companies streamline the quoting and enrollment process with eHealthApp.