eHealthApp for Employers

Most business owners, HR departments, and group insurance administrators dread that time of year when insurance needs to be renewed or sent out for quote. For many groups, it’s a tedious annual ritual—filling out the same forms as last year with the same personal and medical data. Chasing down your employees to complete the applications can be a real drain on time—both yours and theirs.

Furthermore, security should be a huge concern for both you and your employees. While filling out paper applications was the norm for a long time, there was no guarantee that such a paper application, containing sensitive personal health information, wouldn’t end up in the wrong hands. With paper, you never know who might see it.

With eHealthApp, employees fill out the application online once and that data is then stored securely for next year. Each successive year, employees simply need to quickly review, update, and re-sign their apps online. As the administrator, you can track in real time who has and has not completed their applications.

Employers can feel more comfortable going out for quote more regularly, knowing that employees are less likely to complain about quickly updating their application rather than filling out a new one from scratch each time you quote. And by quoting regularly, you can feel assured that you’re getting the right insurance for the right price.