Cambia Health Plans and eHealthApp

Regence GMA

Although eHealthApp no longer partners with Cambia Health Plans to provide brokers with an electronic way to complete the Group Master Application (GMA) for Regence and Asuris health plans, eHealthApp still works closely with these and other organizations to provide employee-level applications and plan election cover sheets.

eHealthApp is a leading online quoting and enrollment platform across the country. Our widely accepted General Group Application (complete with optional health questions and Health Census Report) provides access to a variety of health-underwritten options for groups as small as 5 employees. Our powerful Smart Form technology allows non-programmers to create online, digitally sign-able forms.

For Washington and Oregon groups, we also offer comprehensive electronic employee applications for both Regence and Asuris as Smart Forms. For Utah and Idaho groups, brokers can use our electronic coversheets for employee plan selections. eHealthApp provides these and many other features; all available in over 100 languages!

Current eHealthApp customers may request the addition of these forms to their existing eHealthApp portal by emailing us at and please indicate which states in which you write business.

To obtain more information about eHealthApp, or to schedule your free no obligation demo of eHealthApp software, please email or visit us at