HSA Health Plan and eHealthApp

HSA Health Plan is focused 100% on offering health savings account-based health plans. They help enrollees grow their HSAs through more affordable premiums, pricing transparency when accessing their health care, monthly incentives for participating in a walking program, and shared savings opportunities. For more information, visit their website.

eHealthApp is pleased to partner with HSA Health Plan to provide eHealthApp’s secure, complete and comprehensive medical applications with health questionnaires for every group. If you already work with eHealthApp, HSA Health Plan will cover your eHealthApp fees for every group enrolled with HSA Health Plan.

If you don’t have your own customized agency-branded eHealthApp portal, you may request a free portal by Registering Here Online. This version of eHealthApp (paid for by HSA Health Plan) allows your groups to complete online applications that will be used for electronic submission (for quoting and enrollment) with HSA Health Plan. For more information, please email us at Sales @eHealthApp.com.