eHealthApp Overview

eHealthApp was founded in 2005 to solve the many inefficiencies that existed in a largely paper-based process of quoting and enrolling within the insurance industry. Today, top-producing brokers in agencies large and small in all states use eHealthApp to streamline their processes, save time and money, and deliver a higher level of service to customers.  With eHealthApp, applicants enter their data once; which can then be used to quote multiple carriers, and even multiple lines of insurance, quickly and easily with no duplication of effort.

eHealthApp was born from a database development and systems integration company founded in 1997. The company has vast experience in writing complex software applications and tackling difficult integration challenges for such companies as HP, Merrill Lynch, and Flagstar Bank. Leveraging its extensive experience working in the financial sector (and particularly the wholesale mortgage market), eHealthApp developed powerful and secure solutions for the insurance industry.

eHealthApp is an independent technology provider—not a broker, general agent, or carrier.  Many of our employees come from in-the-field positions in the health insurance industry, so they are able to answer your most difficult questions. All employees sign non-compete agreements that remain in effect for no less than three years after their departure from eHealthApp.

eHealthApp is currently available in all 50 states.