RateFactory’s Vision:
A powerful, flexible small group rating engine that allows you to deliver from your office or on the road with minimal data entry and easy census upload, InstaRate ACA© will quickly produce ACA rates for all carriers and plans available in your market. For more information, visit the RateFactory website.

eHealthApp is pleased to partner with RateFactory to provide census exports – from eHealthApp to RateFactory and vice versa – for any existing eHealthApp broker wishing to quote with RateFactory. We are also offering a three-question Smart Form which includes a welcome message, health plan election, and compliance document delivery acknowledgement – $50 for existing eHealthApp clients and $200 for clients not on eHealthApp / not interested in becoming full eHealthApp clients.

For more information on the partnership between RateFactory and eHealthApp, please email us at Sales@eHealthApp.com.