Regence and eHealthApp

Regence GMA

Regence and eHealthApp have teamed together to provide brokers with the easiest way to complete the Regence Group Master Application online in the states of Utah, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. Using eHealthApp Smart Form technology, brokers will be able to complete a group’s Regence Master Application (MGA) online with ease… for no cost!

In the past, Regence has received MGAs that might not be properly completed. Submitting a clean and complete Master Group Application that is filled out online will help Regence save valuable time in administration. When Regence receives the properly completed Group Master Application information on a new case, it will be able to install the group in a shorter time, saving both Regence and the broker valuable time.

eHealthApp can help brokers with more than the Regence GMA! eHealthApp is an online enrollment platform offering a universal application with health questionnaires for quoting with several carriers at one time. The process is efficient, secure, private, and provides data analytics for use in consulting with groups. Some of the other features eHealthApp offers are custom questionnaires for plan elections, compliance document storage and delivery, secure document uploading for employees, custom HR platforms, ACA rate band calculators, and more – all available in over 100 languages!

For more information on the partnership between Regence and eHealthApp, or to schedule your free-no obligation demo of eHealthApp software, please email