What changes can you expect after this weekend’s 10/28/16 Software Update?

• Better user experience for mobile users
We received some reports of users on mobile devices not being able to navigate completely through the online health application. These have all been corrected.

• Improved Smart Form navigation
When an applicant signs a Smart Form, they will be able to click a button and be returned to where they were when they accessed the Smart Form. This provides a much more intuitive feel.

• More intuitive reports
We are moving to Interactive Reports throughout eHealthApp. Interactive Reports provide better filtering and sorting, as well as the ability to download the data into a variety of formats including CSV, PDF, and HTML.

• Look-and-feel enhancements
A small number of changes to further improve the look, feel, and operation of eHealthApp.

Please plan system use accordingly.
Thank you,
The eHealthApp Team