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“I LOVE IT!!! I’m so happy with the way the enrollment turned out and how simple it is for the employee to elect benefits. Last year, we incorporated a MEC and “Wellness” program whereby through tax savings, the voluntary benefits were provided to the employees at no cost or payroll deduction – so participation was high. This year we eliminated the “Wellness” program and went straight major medical plus voluntary benefits. I thought for sure since the employees were going to have to pay on their own for the voluntary benefits they would not participate. I feel that because of the ease and simplicity of viewing benefit offerings, seeing the per pay period deductions and simply clicking to enroll, we increased participation. I can’t even imagine using carrier brochures and paper apps anymore. It’s too cumbersome for all involved.

We’ve been using eHealthApp since early 2017 and we have noticed a considerable increase in participation and enrollments with both medical and voluntary benefits! We’ve noticed that the employers and HR managers have been both impressed and very appreciative with the ease and simplicity of the enrollment platform. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with eHealthApp!

In short – I’m a FAN of eHealthApp. Thank you to everyone for all the help and support. The support and responsiveness has been great! Keep up the good work!”

Jack Townsend, Co-Founder and Principal - Insurance Solutions USA, LLC

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