Allow your groups to have a seamless online experience and enjoy the efficiencies of electronic data!
The SelectHealth UT Supplement Form is now an online process for employees! Instead of filling out a paper form for new enrollees or changes, you can direct employees to eHealthApp. This is provided at no additional cost to eHealthApp customers!
Employees can log in, make their plan elections (medical, dental, vision, HealthEquity), choose their provider network, and digitally sign this new Smart Form. A PDF Supplement Form is filled in, complete with digital signature, which can be submitted to SelectHealth along with the employee health application – also available through eHealthApp. You can even send them securely through eHealthApp’s Secure Mailbox feature.

To learn more about our Smart Form technology, including ways you can create custom forms with your groups’ rates and easily increase your revenue with low-pressure sales of additional lines of coverage, contact us at