eHealthApp can cut weeks out of the quoting and enrollment process, simply by capturing and distributing information at the speed of digital. Error elimination, legibility, and better workflow management means information flows from applicants to producers to carriers in record time and better underwriting decisions are made more quickly.


Applicant data which is entered once online can then be distributed to different carriers’ systems for various insurance products from year to year. Data entry and data scrubbing is minimized and the seamless flow of digital information eliminates redundant and error-prone data re-entry.


With our simple interface, applicants, brokers, and carriers can be up and running on eHealthApp almost instantly. Applications are submitted with a few mouse clicks, downloaded in seconds by carriers, and underwritten faster and more easily. Brokers can submit to additional carriers instantly at any time in the process.


We place a premium on protecting private health information and complying with HIPAA and HITECH. Multiple layers of security, advanced security protocols, and our proprietary Secure Workflow Application Tracking (SWAT) technology help to minimize your exposure and keep personal data safe throughout the entire pipeline.


Since 2005, over 40,000 applicants have obtained quotes and insurance through our secure, efficient, and easy-to-use platform. As the industry evolves, brokers and carriers remain committed to eHealthApp, which is regarded as an increasingly critical technology that has helped to modernize business processes.

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